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Where culinary dreams come to life. Our exquisite range of top-tier worktop solutions, featuring quartz, granite, and ceramic surfaces, is your gateway to transforming the heart of your home.

Dive into a world of style, durability, and creativity as you explore a collection designed to cater to every kitchen’s unique character. Working with some of the leading suppliers of stone in the world, Stone & Earth will always be able to find the perfect worktop for your space.

With over 250 samples in our showroom you’ll be spoilt for choice. With nearly ever colour and pattern imaginable the worktops of your dreams may be closer than you think.

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Worktop Design Journey - Stone & Earth

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An Entire Libary of Worktops 

Worktops are part of a bigger picture. Not only should they be the showpiece of your kitchen they should compliment all the elements too. We have over 250 different worktop samples in our showroom covering all design ideas and budgets.

It’s not just the worktops that we have in our sample area, our wide range of doors, handles, flooring and tiles let you start to build a picture of your dream design. Our in-store experts will be on hand as much or as little as you need to help you with your design journey.

Whether it’s help with every single element or just an opinion we’re more than happy to help!



The Facts & Figures Behind Worktops

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Stone & Earth From Start to Finish

We like to know your worktops are in good hands, that’s why all your fabrication takes place in our own four walls.

Our state-of-the-art factory is just through a door in our showroom. The whole team from sales, designers and fabricators all work in the same building meaning your worktop never leaves our sight.

It’s quality-checked at multiple points to make sure no mistakes are made. Everybody is on the same page in creating your dream worktops for your space.

Factory Worktops

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