Worktop Trends for 2024 – Three Trends for Elevating Elegance

Jan 3, 2024

2024 Worktop Trends – What could the standouts be for this year?


Embark on a journey through contemporary kitchen design as we unveil the worktop trends for 2024. At Stone & Earth, we’re your partners in creating a kitchen that seamlessly blends style and function.

From classic aesthetics to cutting-edge innovations, our guide explores diverse worktop trends for the upcoming year. Stone & Earth is here to guide you. Join us in crafting a kitchen that goes beyond trends to become a timeless masterpiece.

Terrazzo – It’s time for Terrazzo

Did you know Terrazzo patterning is used on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Well from 1958 to 2024 Terrazzo is back on trend and is ready to upset the design space with its striking colours and random patterns. Don’t be mistaken by its random and playful look though. Terrazzo worktops bring elegance to your space that you’re unlikely to get elsewhere.

Our favourite example of this is the stunning Venetian Grande by CRL. Not only does it capture the essence of Terrazzo the translucent chips bring yet another factor into play. By using back lighting you can create a stunning effect on the stone.

Even better, we have it on display in our showroom!

Terrazzo worktop

What do you Need to Bring When Visiting a Worktop Showroom?

Marble Style Veining – The Original, Yet Stylish

When quartz first hit the market nearly every supplier went with a marble-style design to compete with the then market leader. Years later marble styling patterning is still the most popular choice when it comes to quartz design, and it shows no sign of going out of fashion. With its simple yet striking veining, you will never go wrong with a marble-styled quartz.

One of our favourites this year is Carrara Misterio & Misterio Gold from Brachot! With both a blue and gold tinge to each material, it creates the perfect complement to your cabinetry and handles.


Dark Dekton – Creating a Striking Setting


Dekton by Cosentino has been one of the market leaders for ceramics for several years now. Allowing for striking patterns to create a standout setting ceramic will make sure your worktops are a talking point. What better way to create a talking point and go against the norm with dark worktops?

We’re loving Dekton Laurent from Cosentino for this year. With striking gold veins running through the stunning dark brown background create a showpiece in your kitchen. Take a look at the stunning island with waterfall end we recently installed in the Laurent!

Kitchen Worktop

The Year of your New Worktops?

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