Are granite worktops still popular?


Because it can be used in a variety of innovative ways, granite will never go out of fashion.  Although alternative surfaces have given homeowners more choice, granite continues to be an extremely popular selection for kitchen surfaces. This is because natural stones continue to retain their value due to their durability, uniqueness and minimalist elegance. The natural look gives each granite worktop it’s own individuality and unique style and also, if sealed properly, it is exceptionally hygienic as it is resistant to dirt and bacteria.

What is the most popular colour for granite worktops?


The stylish and timeless finish and look of black granite continues to be the market leader for granite kitchen surfaces.  It’s ability to complement a variety of traditional and contemporary kitchen styles means that it never goes off trend and is a popular choice amongst consumers.

What are the most popular granite colours for 2019?

Black and grey tones of granite continue to be the winning choices and with monochrome kitchens being on trend for 2019, black granite tops will be a popular choice for home owners and designers who are looking for a kitchen at the height of fashion.  This is because black granite worktops provide a stunning dramatic contrast to high gloss white kitchen cabinets as well as giving a luxurious style.


With the monochrome trend in kitchen units set to dominate the 2019 market, the other colours that are also tipped to be on trend granite colours for 2019 are white and grey.

What colour granite complements wooden or oak cabinets?

With wooden kitchen cabinets also tipped to return as a favourite for homeowners in 2019, there are certain granites that tie in beautifully with the range of different wood tones and colours. White and Grey granites can highlight the mutual colours that granite and oak have in common although black granite can also be an ideal choice particularly for honey maple or cherry.

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