What are the tile trends for 2019?

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next home improvement project, particularly if it’s for a kitchen or bathroom, then you’re probably thinking about what floor or wall tiles to choose.

 Tiles belong to a very exclusive group of interior elements that have the amazing ability to be able to completely transform a room in an instant so choosing the right tiles is an important decision.

 More unusual shapes and sizes of tiles will continue to make their presence known in 2019 with more slender, sleeker tiles appearing in bathrooms. Don’t forget about modular tiles as well as with the right arrangement, modular tiles can create the illusion of increased space and texture without having to resort to bold colour choices.

 2019 marks the coming of age of patterned tiles particularly when it comes to having a high impact on your floor. Whether you opt for abstract patterns with a contemporary feel or you choose more geometric shapes such as hexagons, you will inevitably make a signature statement in your home.

 If you’re looking for a real tile colour statement, then look no further than the return of bold mustard, green or chocolate that will, if you’re of a certain age, will definitely take you for a walk down memory lane.

 If a revival of tile colours gone by is just a step too far for you, then don’t worry as the new neutrals come into play replacing grey as the supreme leader in interior colours.  Think muted ice cream flavours and you won’t go far wrong if you’re looking for an understated sophistication style.

 Our in-house tile experts at Stone & Earth are always happy to share their infinite knowledge and wisdom when it comes to the world of tiles and with a fabulous range of wall and floor tiles on display, you know you’re in the best possible hands.