What to Bring When Visiting Worktop Showrooms: A Complete Guide

Nov 20, 2023

Showing up to a Showroom for Worktops


Worktops aren’t something that you will purchase often. For many people when visiting a showroom it’s their first time and looking at all the options can be daunting. While you’ll have an idea of colour in mind there are other things worth considering before making your first visit to a worktop showroom. this guide will break down some common questions and items that designers will likely ask for.

Not a Perfect Plan

That’s right we said not perfect. Of course, if you have a plan from a kitchen company that’s great but not essential. Even the most basic of sketches and measurements will be good enough to quote from (see the photo!). That being said there are a few things that will need to be included.

Countertop Dimensions: You don’t need a full sketch of your kitchen just where the worktops will be and their dimensions. The average depth of a worktop is 600mm, and of course, lengths vary. Even a rough measurement will suffice here and make a note of which edges are visible or hidden by cabinets.

Hob & Sink Location: A note of where hob/sink cutouts will go helps with joint position on the worktops.

Window Size and Placement: This is important if you wish to have the windowsill in the same material as your worktops.

Worktop plan

Swatches and Colour Ideas


Deciding the colour is often the hardest choice when it comes to worktops. Things like different materials such as quartz and granite can be explained by designers. While designers can guide the colour will often be down to yourself. Browse online beforehand at different colours available in different materials. Upon your visit, any swatches of your kitchen floor or cabinets will give you a great visual aid!

Also, keep in mind different things that can change from stone to stone. Things such as thickness, material type and patterning will all vary on top of the colour. We’ve linked to a couple of our suppliers below to help you get started!


With a large range of both quartz and granite available Brachot’s site is a great place to start!


CRL brings you the latest trends in quartz to make your room stand out.

Lifestyle Considerations

There are many considerations for the day-to-day use of your worktops. Will you need an overhang for a seating area? How much open space do you need? Do you need drainage grooves? Will there be a splashback and upstands?

These are just some initial things to think about when it comes to designing your worktop space. Designers in showrooms will guide you through these sorts of things explaining the benefits and implications towards your kitchen.

Budgeting Guidelines

We don’t expect you to know the exact amount new worktops will cost you but have a rough budget in mind. Depending on material and the size of your kitchen worktops can range from under £2000 to over £10,000.

Designers will be able to guide you on where you can save costs and offer alternative materials to keep the price down.

All the Questions

There will be no right or wrong questions regarding your worktops. Design experts will be able to guide you and answer any questions you may have or be worried about. It’s better to ask an expert while you’re there rather than not knowing and worrying about the future.

Also, come with an open mind as you will see new things that you may have not even considered before!

In conclusion, armed with measurements, colour ideas, lifestyle considerations, budget guidelines, and an open mind, your visit to the Stone and Earth worktop showroom becomes a collaborative and tailored experience.

The more information you provide, the better equipped our designers will be to create worktops that not only meet but exceed your expectations. At Stone and Earth, we are dedicated to transforming your worktop dreams into reality, ensuring that every detail is meticulously crafted to perfection.

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