What to Bring When Visiting a Tile Showroom: The Ultimate Guide

Dec 7, 2023

Taking Time Before your Tile Visit


Buying new tiles can be confusing. There are many things that you need to think about such as tiles needed, fitting, grout, trims and more. Visiting a dedicated tile showroom is a good place to start and experts are on hand to guide you through your journey. That being said, there are some steps you can take beforehand to make sure your journey is as seamless as possible.


An Idea of Sizing


When embarking on a tiling project, one of the most crucial steps is determining how many tiles you’ll need to cover your space adequately. Whether you’re revamping your kitchen, bathroom, or any other area, precise planning can save you time, money, and headaches.

Our guide below will show you how to calculate the tiles needed for your space while taking things into consideration such as relief cuts. 

Having an idea of the square meterage of your project will allow designers to give you a price range of what you can expect to pay.

Tile Conversion guide

Calculating Tile Quantity: How Many Tiles Do You Need for Your Space?

Colour and Style Ideas


The colour of your kitchen will be one of the biggest factors in what the final project looks like. Many suppliers now will even complete special orders for you to get the exact colour that you want. With that in mind, it’s always a good idea to have two or three different options in mind.

In line with the colour options, there are also different styles of kitchen that you can select (see our guide below). While this can seem daunting to get your head around any good designer should be able to guide you through the different options and how they may benefit you.

Accessories and Extras (Grout and Tile Trims)


When buying tiles it’s not just the tile you need to complete the project. Things such as leveller, grout and trims all play a crucial part in the final look of your project.

For example, at Stone & Earth, we offer 50 colour variants in grout giving you the option to shade-match or contrast against your tiles. Before you visit, please think about what extras you will need and how they tie into your final look.

Budgeting Guidelines


It can be tricky to budget for tiles, there are so many varying factors such as shape, size and finishes. All of these will either bring the cost up or down. Doing research beforehand should at least give you an idea of what you can expect to be paying. As an extremely rough ballpark figure for high-quality tiles, you should be expecting to be paying in the range of £40 – £60.

All the Questions


As mentioned previously this will likely be your first time buying a new kitchen and you will have lots of questions. Leave no question no matter how big or small unasked.

Designers are there to guide you through the journey while allowing you to have free reign over your creativity. Also, come with an open mind. When you start delving into all the options you may see things that you didn’t know existed.

Buying tiles can seem an overwhelming task but by planning ahead accordingly and being prepared for your visit you can make the journey as seamless as possible. 

At Stone & Earth our experts are on hand to guide you through your journey helping you pick the best elements to complete your tile project.

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