Luxurious and unique marble worktops

Marble worktops make a luxurious addition as it will look as stylish and impressive for a lifetime. At Stone & Earth, we can easily source marble to a bespoke size fitting.

As well as worktops, marble is a fabulous choice for fire surrounds, tables and hearths, all of which can be tailor made for you by our highly skilled team. To view the full range of marble finishes on offer, visit our brand new showroom.

Take a look at our worktop comparison guide for more information.


Marble adds great value to your home and is often the surface of choice if it’s luxury you want. If durability is your number one priority, granite or quartz worktops may be more suitable for your needs.  We are happy to advise you on the most suitable surface for your home to ensure that your worktop works for you and your lifestyle.

How do I look after Marble worktops?

Keeping your new marble worktops clean is made simple by Stone & Earth. We provide a wide range of Lithofin products which are specially formulated and designed to maintain your tiles and worktops.