High performance Acrylic and Solid Surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms

Acrylic and Solid Surfaces for kitchens, islands, sinks and bathrooms are popular choices for home owners who want high-performance and elegant smooth surfaces. As engineered products, they have a reputation of being versatile, durable and easily repaired if required but with an added elegance making them one of the market leaders in kitchen, bathroom and office worktops.

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If you’re looking for a solid surface that works well with more traditional materials in your kitchen, then the consistent colour, design and matte-like appearance of Acrylic and Solid Worktops are ideal as they compliment stainless steel, wood and glass seamlessly. They have the added benefit that, when fitted, there are no joints visible even in upstands and splashbacks.

Their high performance is enhanced with an elegant and minimal appearance.  An Acrylic and Solid Surface worktop or island will most definitely take centre stage in your kitchen and with a vast array of colours and styles, you can be sure that it will enhance any kitchen.  They can be made to any thickness as well as offering a variety of edge profiles to choose from.  Stone and Earth also offer moulded colour match sinks to complete the seamless look that an Acrylic and Solid Surface offers.

Acrylic and Solid Surface worktops are non-porous which means that stains are not a problem and because they are easy to clean, they are becoming a popular choice with families. With reputable brands such as Corian, Staron and Tristone, Stone and Earth can help you select the ideal surface for your home, place of work or office.

Acrylic and Solid Surfaces continue to be popular choice for offices, medical practices and dentist’s surgeries due to their minimal and modern look. Their seamless look means that there are no creases or crevices where dirt or bacteria can be trapped. If the surface is looked after well, Acrylic and Solid Surfaces are also resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew.

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