Our expert advice will ensure that your lighting perfectly complements your kitchen or bathroom.


Lighting can change the whole look and feel of a kitchen or bathroom in an instance and at Stone & Earth we have in house expertise to help guide you as to what type and style of lighting will best complement your choice of surface and tiles in your kitchen or bathroom.

Lighting Solutions for all Kitchens and Bathrooms


Here at Stone & Earth we provide a wide range of luxurious lighting for your kitchen and bathroom. Our experts will not only use their knowledge to advise you on what lighting is the ideal choice but will also create a lighting plan to bring your bathroom or kitchen design concept to life. Whether you prefer an elegant look or dream of incorporating a revitalizing modern style, we will help you achieve your vision.


We recognise the impact of technological advancement and have a wide range of Bluetooth LED lighting that can be easily and effectively controlled through an app. Our LED ceiling lights, lamps and cabinet lighting can be turned on and off through the app as well as adjusting the dimness and colour of the lighting.  

What sort of lighting is the best choice for my kitchen and bathroom?


Whether you’re looking for a warm feel that can be achieved through coloured lighting, a cool modern ambiance or you’re opting for more of a natural daylight feel, we can offer you lighting solutions that will enhance the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom design.

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Pendant and LED Lighting for Kitchens


Our wide range of pendant lighting we have available will allow you to create a unique and atmospheric feel to your kitchen or bathroom. For example, the Concreto pendant lighting gives an industrial identity to your home by enforcing a minimalistic but impactful style. The Rosa pendant provides a sophisticated and chic look to your home and the cascara pendant creates an antique and warmly design.

Using an LED plinth light allows a discrete and warm feel to your kitchen. Alternatively, using Flexible LED tape lights on units and islands allows an empowering illuminating effect showcasing the horizontal and vertical curves of your kitchen island or bathroom units.

Whatever your preference, we can advise you on the best lighting that is not only fit for purpose but that will help you achieve an effective, unique and innovative style.

Stone & Earth provide a wide range of lighting available which can help put those all-important finishing touches to your dream kitchen and bathroom. Our modern and on-trend ranges coupled with our expert advice and free lighting design service will ensure that your finished kitchen and bathroom are the ones you’ve always dreamt of.  

For more information on how to get our expert lighting advice, visit our showroom today.