The kitchen is the heart of every home and apartment. It is where we spend most of our time as a family. Preparing and eating food and meals there, we talk and share the joys and worries of everyday life. The right Kitchen Worktops choice will also contribute to the comfort of daily use. If, in addition, we choose a Kitchen Worktops that matches the design of the kitchen, it will certainly improve the comfort of daily use and the style of this special place.

What role does a Worktop play in our kitchen?

What should we pay attention to choose the right Worktop for the kitchen? First of all, it should be well thought out. Let’s start from the beginning. Let’s think about what role the kitchen countertops play in our kitchen. Kitchen countertops have become popular, especially in recent years, or more precisely, their heyday is in the 21st century. It all started when kitchens went from closed, isolated rooms to open or semi-open.

The kitchen consisted of many cabinets and a kitchen table for preparing meals. When the kitchen became open, the place of the kitchen table was replaced by the dining room table, while the kitchen countertop just filled the void in the kitchen. Kitchen countertops can also serve as kitchen tables for making various dishes or meals. The kitchen countertop, so to speak, is also kitchen furniture. Let’s try to choose it so the kitchen renovation will succeed.

Laminate Worktop

Laminate countertops owe their popularity to their considerable durability and bargain price. The biggest advantages include resistance to mechanical damage and high temperatures, depending on which layer of laminate we are dealing with. We can put several hot pots without much problem. It provides easy cleaning, using a damp cloth available in your kitchen. A laminate kitchen Worktop is available in various designs and colors.

Silestone Worktop

Kitchen Silestone is, in other words, a Worktop made of synthetic stone. Visually, it is very similar to natural stone but much lighter. As a result, applying it to most types of cabinets is no problem. Like laminate, a conglomerate is resistant to high temperatures, so a laid hot pot is not a problem. The biggest disadvantage compared to a laminate Worktop is its relatively high price.

Wooden Worktop

A wooden kitchen Worktop will suit any modern kitchen, plus its surface is decorated with real natural wood. A wooden Worktop is usually made to order for a specific size. Among the most expensive countertops are those made of solid exotic wood. They are also characterized by resistance to various factors. Maintenance of this type of Worktop is not easy. It is not resistant to high temperatures. It tolerates bad contact with pots with high temperatures, and traces of, for example, the knife we used to cut remain on its surface.

Glass Worktop

Glass countertops will work well for modern kitchens. The Worktop is made of tempered fused glass. Among its greatest advantages is its resistance to, for example, shattering or mechanical damage. It blends well with, for example, ceramic tiles.

Metal Worktop

Metal usually optically enlarges the room. These are among the more resistant materials. Hence they are usually used in professional kitchens. The most durable are those made of acid-resistant steel.

Quartz sintered Worktop

Quartz sinters are thin ceramic plates about 3 mm thick and considerable size. They are manufactured from natural materials such as quartz sand. They have gastronomy certificates. They do not emit any substances when exposed to water.