Kitchen Trends for 2024 – Craft your Culinary Space

Jan 25, 2024

2024 Kitchen Trends – Create and Craft Your New Kitchen

Thinking about upgrading your kitchen in 2024? Trends come and go over the years but we believe these will be the standout for this year and years to come.

From making the most of your spaces, taps making your life easier and door styles take a look at the trends to make your kitchen perfect this year.

Boiling Taps – Ease, Space, Style


Stood around waiting for the kettle to boil? Waiting for a pan to heat up? Boiling taps take away this and more. 2024 will see a big shift in kitchens becoming more integrated into our lives while keeping a modern look.

With instant boiling water save yourself hours over a year of waiting for the kettle to boil. While they do take up significant space in your cupboard below, you gain this back in worktop space. You will no longer need to have an unsightly electric kettle taking up space on the side. Boiling water taps come in sleek designs with a range of colours.

Quooker is seen as the market leader in the space with its instant boiling water and safety features. We also have them on display in our showroom allowing you to try before you buy. Why not try a coffee out of it over a chat about your new kitchen?

Quooker Tap

Tile Trends 2024 - What will you pair with your Kitchen?

Hidden Spaces – Open up a New Location


It’s time to open up your kitchen with less. Once you add your cabinetry into your kitchen it can create a lot of dead space. 2024 will see a big shift to practical yet sophisticated spaces and hidden spaces will play a big part in this.

From hidden tall larders will clever storage solutions to tucked-away sinks and prep areas, add the wow factor to your kitchen. It’s not just storage that can be hidden away, there’s now a big trend of secret doors that blend seamlessly into your kitchen revealing new spaces such as utilities or pantry areas.


Faux Inframe – Same Great Look, With Less Expense


Over the years inframe kitchens have seen a large rise in popularity. Often seen as the premium look for your cabinetry it’s also at the higher end of the cost scale. This is where the faux inframe comes in. A less expensive alternative expect to see a huge rise in popularity for the faux inframe in 2024.

The line detail around the door is what makes it. While traditional inframe sees a kitchen door inset within a frame the faux creates the illusion of this with its stunning edging detail. Due to their being slightly less craftsmanship compared to a standard inframe there’s also a saving in cost for the consumer giving the best of both worlds.

We have lots of faux inframe door samples in our showroom including these stunning ones from Uform!

Faux Inframe

Time for New Tiles

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