How Long Does it Take to Install New Worktops?

Feb 6, 2024

How Long Does the Process of New Worktops Take?


Worktops will play a pivotal part in your overall kitchen design. They’re often the first things that catch the eye as you walk into a space. From glittering quartz, and breathtaking granite to stunning ceramic delve into this guide to see how long the process of new worktops takes.

At Stone & Earth, we have been installing worktops for nearly a decade so have know the multiple elements that have to come together before you get your newly installed worktops. From picking the material to templating and installation, see the elements that make up new worktops.  


Choosing Stone and Placing the Order


This is often the part of the process that A) takes the most time and B) we recommend spending the most time on! 

You should take time picking your worktops. They’re something you want to last for years to come so make sure you’re happy when picking. Ask to see samples in your space so you can see the stone in the light of your house. Take a few different options for both pricing and look as you may be surprised by the savings you can make for stones that look similar. 

Often worktop companies just need a plan or rough dimensions to quote in a material you have seen. From here they will discuss things such as your edge finish, splashbacks windowsills and more.


What do you Need to Bring When Visiting a Worktop Showroom?

Templating and Cutting the Worktop

After placing your order you should be given two dates. One for your template where measurements are gathered for the fabrication and your installation dates. Templates will either be done by digital software such as Prodim or Correx templates.  Most worktop installation companies will normally have around a 1-3 week lead time from order to template, although some can be more or less.

A template for a standard-sized kitchen will take around two hours. Your installation date will usually be a week after a template allowing the factory to cut your stone to the highest quality. Stone and Earth hand finish all worktop edging making sure you get the highest quality.


The Installation of the Worktops

After all the material has been selected, templated and fabricated it’s time for the installation. Of course, every kitchen will take a different length of time to install but on average you’re looking at around 2-3 hours for your worktop installation for a standard-sized kitchen.

Some factors can extend the time of the installation. The more joints in the worktops the longer it will take. Joints are one of the most complex parts of an installation as it takes time for them to be lined up properly and then set accordingly. Other items such as splashbacks and waterfall ends will also see an installation take a little longer.

If you budget for half a day for your installation this should usually be plenty of time.


The Total Time

Factoring in everything from the selection of your stone, templating, cutting and installation you can expect the process to take 3-4 weeks. That’s not to say this can’t be done quicker and it’s always worth speaking to your worktop company if you need it sooner. At Stone and Earth, we always recommend starting the process as soon as possible. There are hundreds of different colours available now and it can seem daunting to pick just one. Starting as early as possible allows you time to make an informed decision.

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