How Long Does a New Bathroom Install Take?

Feb 21, 2024

How Long Does the Process of a New Bathroom Take?


Rennovating a bathroom is a big project to undertake in your home. Most of the work is actually what you can’t see. While the final result is often a stunning room of luxury fixtures and fittings there is weeks of work that have to go in first to get to this point. It can be a daunting project to take on by yourself. It’s worth enlisting experts to help throughout the process. So how long does it take for a new bathroom from start to finish?

We’ve helped hundreds of people with their bathroom jounreys over the years and have seen every part of the process multiple times. There are many varying factors of a new bathroom installation that can change how long it will take. No two bathroom projects will take the same amount of time.


The Survey & Design

The start of your journey can often be the most important especially when it comes to bathrooms. The initial survey allows measurements to be taken and the first ideas discussed. Your designer will let you know what is possible in your space and get all the information to create your first design.

During your survey, there will often be a checklist to go through of various design and technical features. Completing this allows the first design (normally by appointment a week or so later) to be as close to your desired end project as possible. It’s very rare for a design to be completed off the first draft. The reason for these meetings is to tweak and alter the finer details of your design before you get it perfect!

This part of the process can take as short as a couple of weeks before you place your order! Usually, due to the multiple design visits needed, it can take around four weeks from the survey to placing your order.

Like the example below the client may have started with an idea for a green-style bathroom but the finer details will come later. For example, our designer recommended these stunning flush plates and fixings from Alca & Hudson Reed respectively.


Green Bathroom

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Preparation is the Key

Whether it’s a supply-only or a full installation job the preparation is the key stage of your bathroom project. While it’s often ther part that takes the most time and causes the most disruption to your daily life, it’s the one you have the least control over.

Both your designer and fitter should be in constant communication to ensure the project is running as smoothly as possible. The prep works aren’t the finishing touches that you see it’s everything underneath such as waterworks, soil stacks and any other internal works.

It’s impossible to put a timescale on this part of the process. Unfortunately, this is where any unexpected problems will likely arise too. This may be your first time changing the bathroom so until everything has been ripped out it’s impossible to tell the quality underneath. While the delays can be frustrating it is well worth your time to get these correct while you have the chance.

All going well though in a standard-size bathroom, you can expect prep works to take 2-3 weeks.

Bathroom blue and white

The Installation of the Bathroom

Once all the preparation works have been completed the installation of the fixtures and fittings can begin. This also includes your tiles which often take the biggest chunk of time during the installation. If everything during the preparation step was completed this should all be relatively easy. Before you know it you’ll see your dream bathroom coming together.

Again it’s a difficult step to put a timescale on. Full floor and wall tiles will take longer than half tiles half painted. A lot of time during this is spent waiting for things to set or dry. Of course, the size of the bathroom will change how long this step of the process takes but 1-2 weeks is usually enough time.

The Total Time of a New Bathroom

As mentioned previously no two bathroom installations are the same and every single one will vary in total time from start to finish.

From start to finish you can expect everything to take around 4-8 weeks. Of course, if needed this can be completed quicker by taking advantage of stock materials. They can also take longer if there are supply issues or special order items.

Showroom Bathroom

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