How Long Does a New Kitchen Take?

Feb 14, 2024

How Long Does the Process of a New Kitchen Take?

Kitchens are one of the largest projects that you can take on in a home. The central hub of your house is made up of several moving parts and all of them need to blend seamlessly for the desired end product. Getting that perfect kitchen isn’t a quick task though. It can take weeks or months of planning before action starts. So how long does the whole process take from start to finish? 

Here at Stone & Earth, we’ve installed hundreds of kitchens over the years. We’ve seen it all from the simple to the extraordinary. No two kitchens are the same and no two kitchens take the same amount of time. So how long does it take? Let’s look at the different parts of your design journey and the time they take.


The Survey & Design

This is where your journey begins. For most companies, it will start with a home survey to discuss initial ideas and take measurements.  Your surveyor will have a checklist of things to go through for them to build up an initial idea of your end goal. These aren’t final decisions but more of a wishlist of items that you want your new kitchen to have.

Following on from your survey your initial design will be able to be completed. This is then followed by a face-to-face meeting in the showroom for you to see the first revision of your new kitchen. The survey is one of the quickest parts of the journey and can take less than a couple of weeks for you to see your initial design.

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Getting The Details Right

This can often be the step that takes the most time. Over several visits & revisions, you will delve into the finer details of your project. Everything will be covered from carcasses, doors, sinks, appliances, worktops and more.

It’s expected that you will see several different revisions of your kitchen quotation. This is an investment into your home that you want to make sure you get right. Don’t worry if you think this process is taking too long, kitchen companies like ourselves are used to it!

This step is hard to give a timescale to. It can take just one visit it can take several. From the initial survey on average, this can take around 4 weeks. The final part of this step process is completed with you placing the order.



The Fabrication and Installation

This is the step with the most varying amount of time. Depending on the supplier and their stock levels it can take several weeks for your products to arrive. The largest factor is usually on the doors or cabinets. For example, if the door colour selected isn’t a stock colour it can’t take 6-8 weeks for them to be made.

Once all the parts of your kitchen are here the installation can begin. This can vary on the size of the kitchen but you can expect around a 2-week installation window. Once all your cabinetry is in your worktops can then be installed, between the template and installation, a week will pass. You can read more on worktop installation time in our guide here!

Once everything is in place you will usually have a final sign-off/snagging list. These are the final little touches or changes to make your final project perfect. A sign-off is usually completed by your project manager over a home visit. Snagging lists are usually completed as soon as possible and are often quick fixes with suppliers.

The Total Time of a New Kitchen

Every single kitchen installation will take a different amount of time. This guide is there to highlight the factors that will cause this time to vary. From start to finish you can expect everything to take around 8-12 weeks. Of course, if needed this can be completed quicker by taking advantage of stock materials. They can also take longer if there are supply issues or special order items.

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