Bathroom Trends for 2024 – Three Trends for Brilliant Bathrooms

Jan 16, 2024

2024 Bathroom Trends – Bringing the Best out of your Bathroom


Let’s make your bathroom brilliant in 2024 with these trends. We’ll explore three different things that we expect to become a staple of the bathroom design journey throughout this year. 

From fluted designs, standout taps and making the most of the space let Stone & Earth guide you through this year’s trends.

Fluted Glass – Great Grooves in Your Glass

Add a stunning layer of texture to your bathroom with fluted glass. Also known as ribbed or textured glass the verticle grooves create a striking aesthetic to any room.

Distorting the light that hits the glass while skewing the perspective behind it gives the illusion of stretching space in your bathroom. Particularly effective in small spaces break up your space with fluted glass.

Even better, want to see how it looks in person? We have it on display in our showroom in this stunning display below!

Fluted Glass

Tile Trends 2024 - What will you pair with your Bathroom?

Stand Out Taps – Colour to Create a New Canvas

Outside of your tiles, it can sometimes prove tricky to get a different colour palette into your bathroom. Modern designs look for more striking details but also keep nods to classic styles. Coloured taps outside of the traditional chrome help strike the balance.

Whether it’s matt black, rose gold, or antique bronze make your space stand out and introduce new colour into your space. We have a plethora of options for coloured taps available in our showroom, so come and get your inspiration.

We’re loving these taps from JTP at the moment! We also have several other brands like the ones below!


Wet Rooms – Working Space With Wet Rooms


Wet rooms are becoming more and more popular. Allowing you to experience an open-plan bathroom brings the most space and light into the area. Not only does it help the aesthetic of the space but it has its practical uses.

Due to the minimalistic look both maintenance and cleaning become much easier compared to your standard bathroom. As the popularity of wet rooms is expected to grow throughout the year we’ve made sure we’re equipped for this by expanding our portfolio for more options than ever.

We also have displays in our showroom ready to showcase this!

Bathroom Wet Room

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