It is always really helpful when buying a bathroom suite to have the measurements of your current bathroom space.  This includes the size of the windows and the height of the room as well as the overall dimensions.  This is not only to help your bathroom designer understand the space available but will also enable them to suggest cleverly thought-out solutions and creative finishes for your bathroom.

The other thing that is often useful for bathroom designers is if you take a photo of what your current bathroom looks like.  This is so they can visualise the space but in addition, they can offer suggestions for the new bathroom based on what they see.

For example, if your current bathroom is struggling to cope with storage, then your bathroom designer will be able to suggest creative ways of including more storage solutions in your new bathroom. 

Or, if your current bathroom only has access to a limited amount of natural light from a small window, they will be able to offer imaginative ways of lightening the room through lighting choices or tile colours, sizes or patterns.